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Innovations at Nextgenhelper

We are working for the development of different products/solutions for humankind by using the latest technologies and ideas. In this regard, we are eager to collaborate with students/researchers, and young minds from different areas of science.

Latest Events
Research and Innovation Challenge
by Nextgenhelper

November 15 - February 02, 2021

To promote the research and innovation, we are going to organize this competition, where anyone can participate with the novel ideas for the development of innovative solutions/tools/technologies/products, which can directly benefit the human life. In this regard, a project proposal must be submitted by the participant or a Team. 

Who can participate

School Students, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and PhD students from any branch of science, Research Fellows, faculty, and anyone in the field of science. 

Description of the Challenge

In this competition, all the participants/teams must submit a project proposal with all the necessary components e.g. summary, full details, and conclusion. Proposal must be applied, and leads to the development of a solution/method/technologies/product. Candidate/team must submit the certificates for qualifications (academic certificates, and a letter from the school/college/university confirming the qualifications).

In all three categories (Junior/Senior/Expert), we will select top five projects proposals, and all the 15 participants/teams will be called for online presentation.

We will select the top two proposals from each categories (e.g. total 6 proposals by individuals or teams) as winners.

Different domains for the Challenge

  1. Medical Science

  2. Engineering

  3. Life Science (All subjects e.g. Microbiology, Immunology, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry etc.)

  4. Agriculture

  5. Environmental Science

Different categories of the Challenge

Junior: School students of class IX to XII.

Senior: Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Research Fellows, and PhD students.

Experts: Candidate having PhD degree, and faculty.

Important dates of this Challenge

  1. Start date: November 15, 2021

  2. Last date of submission of the proposal: December 25, 2021. 

  3. Last date of call for online presentation:  January 25, 2022.

  4. Declaration of the final winners: February 02, 2022.

Project proposal requirements (Required at the time of registration link below)

  1. Motivation/Description of the Problem/Gap in the area (Max. 250 words).

  2. Summary of the proposed solution/project proposal (Max. 250 words).

  3. Detailed description of the project with all steps (Max. 1000 words) in 4-5 deadlines.

  4. Conclusion (Max. 250 words).

  5. Figure/Picture/Graphics of the Proposed model (if required)

Note: Please prepare your research proposal before the registration, and submit it with all your degree and certificates at the link below.

Benefits to the winners

  1. We will provide the free access of all our events (Workshop/Internship/Training) to all the winners for One Year.

  2. Cash prize for all six winners (1st prize: Rs. 10000/- and 2nd Prize: Rs. 5000/-).

  3. We will collaborate with the winner to implement the proposal at the ground level. If required, funding will be provided to the innovation on the basis of mutual benefit.

  4. Necessary help and support will be provided to the winners to make the proposal manure, and ready for the submission to funding agencies like BIRAC (

Terms and Conditions

  • Candidate/team must fill all the desired information correctly. Any wrong information found at any stage may leads to cancel the participation.

  • Candidate/team must provide the scanned copy of the documents required to prove there qualifications. Only one PDF (Proposal+Certificates/transcripts) will be accepted in the form.

  • Final selection of the winners will be decided by a committee of experts. Selection made by us will be final and no clarification and further questions/complaints will be entertained.

  • We have the right to cancel the event at any stage without prior information.

  • Since its a free event, we do not have any liability for the participants.

Help and Support (for any question or concerns)

Registration and Submission of the project Proposal

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