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We are providing consultancy services to the scientific community to assist them in finding areas of research they are most passionate about and helping them to understand the realities and challenges associated with undertaking scientific endeavours. Some of our consultancy services are as follows:-


  • Arrangement of dissertations and internships of students (B.Sc./B.Tech/M.Sc./M.Tech) in research institutions and universities.

  • Implementation of research projects by providing appropriate scientific suggestions. 

  • Designing research projects and mythologies.

  • Writing the Project Reports, Manuscripts, Thesis, Research articles, Review Articles, and Book Chapters.

  • Consultancy about Fellowships, Awards, and Research Grants.

  • Arranging the research collaborations between Academia and Industries.

  • Carrier guidance to School and College students for the selection of better options.  


If you are interested in taking help from us, please contact HERE

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